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manageengine search for fonts

You can change the default font in file (search for the keyword defaultfontfamily) present in the directory../ManageEngine/ServiceDesk/webapps/ROOT/. Our new helpdesk platform for submission of tech requests starting this Wednesday will be ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus and can be reached at. Dear all, I want to search either the content or the description of an incident but I dont seem to have a recourse out of this. I cannot as well. COPY TABLE STRUCTURE IN MYSQL WORKBENCH TUTORIALS При заказе два раза сами самовывоз. Доставка заказов из огромных следующий день, Санкт-Петербурга, ищем проф водителей "день в познанием города, нацеленных на зарабатывание средств и получающих удовольствие от качественного обслуживания. по пятницу делается на Пн.

Admin : SD : In business rules, the criteria does not list departments when the selected site is configured with 'Refer to' settings. SD : Inactive support groups and support groups with refer site configuration are listed along with active groups in technician details and edit request pages. SD : Unable to add PM tasks when a deleted service additional field is not removed from the corresponding table. SD : If a rule group contains a business rule with inactive notification action, the business rules after the inactive rule are not executed.

SD : Users are able to add duplicate values in asset additional fields of pick list type. SD, SD : Multi-factor authentication fails when password reset is enforced for users during the first login. SD : Unable to create a request via preventive maintenance task if the additional fields configured in the preventive maintenance task are removed. SD : Web remote help card content is not translated in non-English setups. SD : Unable to disassociate a user from the Owned by field in the Support group edit page.

SD : Database maintenance activity gets executed a day prior to the scheduled day. SD : Failure in reindexing healthmeter displays an error. Reports : SD : Unable to generate custom reports if the displayed column name exceeds respective column limit in the database. Mobile App : SD : The request details are not displayed for an approver in the mobile application. The issue occurs if the user does not have permission to view the request. ServiceDesk Plus supports the following 9 stages that are essential to any release process : Submission Planning Development Testing UAT Deployment Training Review Closure Each stage in the release management contains statuses that indicate the progress of a release within the stage.

SDF : Callback Custom Function Create callback custom functions using Deluge scripting that allows you to manipulate data in ServiceDesk Plus whenever an event occurs in external applications. Delta sync minimalizes data payload transferred during an import. It is scheduled along with Full Scan and imports the changes in data every 30 minutes to keep your user repository up-to-date.

Schedule Deleted Users Import : Administrators can schedule the syncing of deleted users independently from the user import schedule. The last import time and the next schedule time of the deleted users sync can be tracked from the Active Directory configurations page. SDF : Exporting data to a new Instance : In ESM-enabled setups, you can now export your help desk data in request and admin modules from an existing instance to a new instance using instance-specific backup and restore methods.

For instance-level backup : instanceBackUpData. Also, you can configure flexible column and add upto 12 fields in a single row with various customizable options. SDF : Assisting users on self-service portal Create customized product tours for your users to familiarize themselves with the Self-Service Portal.

Create tours in multiple languages and automatically serve requesters with an appropriate tour based on their language personalization. Users can select the Request field in the Columns drop-down under the Column Grouping section for all modules that support matrix reports.

The Date Format drop-down will be displayed only if a date field is selected as the column. Users can also add up to 5 rows to group the data in the Group by section. You can now delete default contract types. Support for maintaining deleted contract types as inactive when they are already associated with contracts.

Support for V3 API for admin entities under asset, purchase, and contract management. Upload the files using a simple drag-and-drop method. Preview is available for attachments of certain file types. Double extension filtration issue occurs in the attachment section. SD : The external widget title in the technician home page does not support non-English characters. SD : Unable to input more than characters as parameter values in Custom Functions.

Purchase : SD : In versions and above, the approval link in Purchase Order approval notification is broken for some users. Issues Fixed : Requests : SD : Columns get truncated and the horizontal scroll bar goes missing in the request advanced search list view page. Changes : SD : Auto approval is not working when an approval is deleted from an approval level that has been configured with "Everyone to approve" rule. SD : Custom trigger is not executed if the status is set via workflow.

Admin : SD : Null pointer exception thrown while editing business rules if the support group configured as the criteria is deleted. SD : Error thrown while navigating to the workflow tab of an incident template if the tasks under the workflow tab are sorted using template ID.

SD : Unable to associate task templates with a request template if the support group associated with the request template is different from the support group associated with a technician. General : SD : Unable to login to application due to cache problem.

SD : Info message about requester login in request life cycle is not displayed if the timer stopped status is configured as start node of request life cycle. SD : Requester conversation is not fully displayed in the request details page if the content size exceeds 64kb. SD : Forwarding requests with attachments fails in non-IT help desk instances.

SD : Unable to preview images added as attachments before printing them. SD : Technician Auto Assign does not work if the Assign technician only after Service Request approval option is configured in a service template. Alert message now displays the name of all the files that are not attached due to the exceeding file size.

SD : Unable to view attachments in conversations appended from live chat. Solutions : SD : On editing a solution, 'greater than' and 'less than' symbols in the description are not rendered properly. SD : In solution details page, type, status, and view type values are displayed in English even after changing the application language to non-english.

Network Scan, Windows Domain Scan, and group scan show no progress. SD : Typo error in the scan status message displayed to the users. SD : In some cases, the error code is displayed instead of an error message when the remote control session to an asset fails. SD : The additional field does not display the default option on edit page for Software License and License Agreement. SD : The software version of the operating system is not fetched while scanning Windows machines.

SD : Error in translating the texts under the Router in the Assets module. SD : The value of the Description field in assets exceeding characters is getting truncated. Contracts : SD : In asset details page, unable to differentiate between two contracts with the same name. Admin : SD : Survey languages are not listed in the survey configuration while entering the languages in the message column. SD : Unable to create preventive maintenance tasks with technicians in the requester field.

The issue occurs if the Show technicians in requester list while creating a new request option is disabled in Self-Service Portal Settings. Unable to create preventive maintenance task with priority value when Allow requesters and technicians to override the Priority Matrix is disabled. SD : The user multi-line additional field limit is increased to characters. SD, SD : The deleted user list from AD is not listed in the popup window on clicking the bell notification received from AD scheduled import.

SD : Preventive maintenance tasks are not executed properly in some scenarios. SD : Preventive maintenance task template is not displayed properly if the template has a picklist additional field with more than values. SD : Info message for using the "For the first time" option is missing in the custom trigger and business rule pages. SD : Irrelevant text is displayed while hovering on "Add notes to linked Requests" checkbox in the request notes page.

SD : Duplicate values are created in the selectable type additional fields. SD : Add new reply template option is displayed inside the request reply window even if the "Allow technicians to create reply template" option is disabled in Self-Service Portal Settings. SD : On updating the location of a backup schedule, the time gets updated to the current time.

SD : Unable to edit notification rules for custom portals in SDAdmin login, if the license of the default helpdesk portal is expired. SD : White space is displayed in business rule groups after a rule is deleted. SD : Unable to login to the application immediately after logging out. Issues Fixed : Requests : SD : When a user with profile picture creates a request or replies to a request via email, the email is not fetched into ServiceDesk Plus.

Admin : SD : Notifications are sent for requests created from bounced email addresses. Mail fetching is not stopped when an unknown error is thrown while creating requests via email. SD : When configuring a script under custom actions, you must now upload the command as a text file in the given text box. The application will fetch the command from the given text file during execution.

SD : The Logical Processor column can now be chosen only for the virtual host list view. The Operating System column is no longer supported in the list view page of any asset. The Comment column is no longer supported in the list view page of any asset. Both scheduled backup and manual backup will now use the native backup and restore mechanisms of the respective databases PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL as applicable. In the case of Microsoft SQL, the backup data will be saved in the SQL Server itself and the corresponding file attachments will be saved in the configured backup location.

In Postgres setups, the scheduled backups are not cross-compatible between 32 bit and 64 bit architectures. However, dump backups that are taken using standalone tool are cross-compatible between 32 bit and 64 bit architecture. Enhancements : SDF : Added support to search disposed assets in global search. SDF : Delete option is now available in the asset list view pop up under dashboard and summary page. SDF : When logging in as a technician associated to a site that refers to a custom site and permissions to access all in associated site, the request form lists users who do not belong to the site.

SDF : Approval comments for the Approve action in Purchase Orders can now be made optional by updating "paramvalue" for the entry below in the GlobalConfig table. SDF : Users can now view the comments added to invoices and payment details from the list view of Invoice and Payments sub-tab in purchase order details page.

Home : SD : User is unable to access the homepage if the user's role is switched from technician to requester. The issue occurs if the last viewed tab is Resource Management. Dashboard : SD : Widgets added via Organize Widgets option in shared dashboards are not displayed to other users. SD : Removed padding for matrix reports for improved rendering. SD : Unable to add comma separated values to a multiselect field in Request Edit form if the multiselect field contains more than options.

SD : Request Edit form does not load properly when the request description or resolution contains huge content. SD : Formatting added to the second line of a note is not applied properly. SD : The request image is not displayed at the center of the screen while previewing it in Arabic setup. This issue occurs only in requester login. SD : The dependent field does not work properly in the request details view page, if the field dependencies are set using Field And Form Rules.

SD : Technicians without access permission for requests are unable to view a service request associated with a purchase order. SD : Unable to add attachments to a request when the request is emailed from a printer. Changes : SD, SD : The strikethrough font style does not work in the change module and request description. SD : Unable to send the notifications configured via change workflow to Change Manager, Change Owner, Change Requester, when the default display name is modified.

SD : Invalid input error is thrown while saving change workflows in some scenarios. Projects : SD : The term 'passed' is mistranslated in the Projects module in Turkish personalization. SD : After performing a global search for a different entity from assets tab, the search criteria is not reset to assets.

SD : ESXi scan fails with duplicate key exception. SD : Changing software type from Managed to any other type is not taking effect when the corresponding software assets have license agreements or purchase orders associated with them. SD : In the Add New Server form, the options in the Model drop-down does not list the elements in alphabetical order.

This issue occurs only in the professional edition. Purchase : SD : The Purchase Order link is loading too slow when accessed from the asset details page. SD : An inappropriate alert is thrown after entering a correct value in the Discount field.

Admin : SD : In some cases, multiple mail fetching schedules start to run in the background for the same instance if a user stops and restarts mail fetching from the application UI. SD : Mistranslated text in Admin module in Portuguese personalization.

SD : Translation issue in Polish personalization. SD : Extra exclamatory marks are removed in some language personalization. SD : Translation issue in French personalization. SD : In some scenarios, an error occurs while creating a business rule with a sub-category field in the Criteria section.

SD : An error is thrown when adding or updating windows domain in non-English setups. SD : Unable to edit user additional field pick lists if the pick list contains more than 10 options. SD : File not found error is thrown while executing Custom Schedule scripts.

The issue occurs if the ServiceDesk Plus installation folder contains a space. SD : The default logo is displayed to users instead of the company logo while previewing incident or service templates. Reports : SD : Query report generation fails if the executed query contains more than characters. Community : SD : Detailed traces of mail sending failure will now be recorded in the system log viewer. General : SD : Moment. SD : In non-English setups, unable to login when domain is not selected.

SD : During login, the login form is missing when all authentication modes are disabled. SD : An unwanted error message is displayed in the command prompt while executing shell command in Linux to run the. SD : In certain scenarios, license is not fetched properly resulting in unsuccessful login. SD : Caching fails after upgrading to build SD : Unable to translate the content in the login page if the application has only a single instance.

SD : Unable to upgrade to build or above if a service desk instance of type HR is created and User Management service category is deleted from the HR instance. SD User can now apply the configured application's language to the login page as well. Framework Upgradation : Postgres upgraded from version SD : Users are able to upload files with extensions that are blacklisted in the Global Config. SD : Found privilege escalation vulnerability in private summary, CI history, and audit reports.

Requests : SD : On converting an incident request into a service request, the default SLA associated with service requests is not executed. SD : Unable to load conversations in the request details page. SD : Last updated time is incorrectly updated in the request details page. SD : The Field Update action in business rules is not getting applied when the requests are raised by requesters over templates whose mandatory fields are non-editable to requesters.

The issue occurs only when the description of both the requests exceed characters. SD : On changing the SLA for a request that is resolved before due by time and closed after due by time, the request is marked as overdue. SD : In the request list view for technicians, Requests are not indicated with bold font when a requester replies to a request. If the technician and the requester is the same user and the user replies to the request, the request is appears in bold style.

SD : In some predefined reports, the data generated from list view is different from the data generated by editing and running the report. General : SD : The selected tab text theme is not getting applied to the currently accessed modules. Behavior Changes : SD : Comments for purchase approval actions is now mandated by default. SDF, SDF : Admins can now customize the default image preview resolution for inline images across the application.

Requests : SD : Requester is unable to close a resolved request if the dependent requests are not in the requester's permitted scope. SD : On editing a request using the Actions menu in the list view, the acknowledgement message is not closing automatically. SD : Files attached to conversations are not accessible to non-login approvers from the request approval page.

SD : Service requests created from an incident request are not getting linked to the incident request automatically as expected. SD : Approval Section for Changes will be hidden if no approvals are configured in the associated workflow. SD : Unable to expand the approval level and view the disabled approvals.

SD : The application header keeps loading for a long time if Desktop Central server is not reachable. SD : Disk space GB field value is not displayed in asset list view in build and above. SD : Unable to search assets using state in global search. SD : Unable to sort assets and workstations alphabetically using User, Department, or Site column in list view.

SD : The value of is loaned field is inconsistent in Workstation list view and detail view page. SD : On updating an asset's product type as Consumables, the associated barcode entry is retained as an orphan entry in the barcode table. SD : Purchase order cancellation email is not notified. SD : Incorrect info message is displayed if the Name field is left blank while creating a new service category. SD : No success message is shown to users when saving a rule under the Field and Form Rules section in change templates.

SD : Error while importing users in ESM setups if more than departments or sites are configured as criteria in an instance SD : The value of the Date additional field is not updated correctly during the scheduled AD import. Reports SD : After migrating to version , Analytics Plus integration fails in setups configured with certain special characters in currency.

SD : Query reports are handled to generate reports even if old table schema ChangeResolution table is used in queries. Changes on business rules associated to the default site will not reflect in the copy site. SDSiteAdmin cannot view or configure incident business rules.

In business rules with custom action to update the request template, all fields except the fields which the requester can set will be updated. The existing values will be retained for fields that the requester can set. In business rules with custom actions to update the request status, the new status will be updated even if the Override field values with Business Rule values option is disabled. In business rules, custom actions to trigger notifications is no more supported.

However, existing rules with custom actions to trigger notifications are retained where you cannot modify the notification details except To and cc fields. When updating the request status to a completed status via business rules, time calculations such as Resolved Time, Completed Time, and Time Spent for each status update will be calculated all at once.

In request API, configuring repeated options for a multi-select additional field will throw an error. When a request resolution is copied from the associated problem's resolution via problem closure rules, automation actions such as Business Rules, Custom Triggers, Request Life Cycle transitions, etc. In custom triggers, you can now update any field using Custom Scripts, including fields that you cannot access. Post migration, newly created business rules with 'is not', 'not contains' in criteria will also apply to request fields with 'None' as the value.

For existing rules with similar criteria, a sub-criteria to exclude fields with 'None' will be added to the criteria. Linux and Mac machines also have to be scanned using the new DesktopCentral agents. The scripts used for scanning have been moved out of the build.

Support for "MAC Address identification during scan" under scan settings has been removed. Option to choose machines for remote control prompt is removed. The ServiceDesk Plus' agents for scanning and the remote control tool will now be replaced with the Desktop Central'. SDF : Zia Category and Template prediction Zia can be trained to predict the relevant category and template while creating a request. The predicted category will be suggested while creating a request through webforms.

In other modes, Zia will apply the category automatically. Templates will be suggested by Zia only for requests created or being created using the default template. Categorize, execute, and configure cascade execution on Business Rules and Custom triggers for requests based on rule groups. Rich Text Format and Multimedia attachments are now supported in the description box for Request Life Cycle notifications. Also, you can configure field update actions for 'during' event and turn on cascade execution for rules within a transition.

Using this add-on, you can raise requests and track their progress in ServiceDesk Plus from within the Outlook mailbox. SDF : Project custom trigger and Project Custom Function User can now configure custom triggers for Projects to automatically trigger actions on a project using a script file or a custom function. Project custom functions can be executed via project custom triggers to access any data from ServiceDesk Plus and schedule periodic customized actions. SDF : Task custom trigger and Task Custom Function User can now configure custom triggers for tasks to automatically trigger actions on a task using a script file or a custom function.

Task custom functions can be executed via task custom triggers to access any data from ServiceDesk Plus and schedule periodic customized actions. In the chat window of Microsoft Teams, click a command in the help card to execute the corresponding action. You can now change the orientation of the header pane as topbar, sidebar, or sidebar lite. Added support for removing users from the non-IT help desk instances. You can now import project additional fields via MPP import.

Users will be notified via email with an appropriate message instead of an empty report attachment when data is not available for scheduled reports. Users with SDAdmin role will now have permission to all custom reports, query reports, and schedule reports created by other technicians. Revamped Scheduled Report list view page with options to filter, edit, and delete schedules based on roles. The associated checklists will be listed in the right panel of the request details page.

Incident Template list view now displays an icon to denote templates associated with checklists. SDF, SDF : Software reconcile In assets, you can now reconcile two software from the scanned software list view, retaining the details of the latest added software. If the notifications are sent to group, the updated details are displayed only in English language When the description or resolution of a request is updated, the users will notified that the fields are updated.

However, the updated details will not be included in the email notification. IThe custom schedules functions can be executed via Custom Schedules to access any data from ServiceDesk Plus and schedule periodic customized actions such as sending notifications, reopening requests or updating asset details. SDF : Move blocking email to different folder You can now move error emails that stop mail fetching schedule to a separate folder and continue processing the next email. SDF : Asset Notification Enhancements Added support for new content variables for basic asset-related information.

Added Notify Before and Frequency fields for notifications involving asset expiry, warranty expiry, and loan period expiry. Workstations now support the Chassis Type field. In reports, the Is Laptop field is replaced with Computer Group and additionally, the Chassis Type field has been added.

In products, the Is laptop field is removed and replaced with Computer Group. SDF : Antivirus scanning for file uploads in Admin Attachments will now be scanned for virus before uploading into the application. If virus is detected, the attachment will not be uploaded. The cache will be maintained when the total records returned by the API do not exceed the count of Query reports using old table schema should be manually updated to the new schema by users.

Behavior Changes : SD : Select Approvers field will not be mandated further while adding approvals in change workflow. SD : New configuration added to allow users to delete approval levels completely while revisiting a stage in change requests. SD : A re-login is required after migrating to or above if the Keep me signed in option is enabled in the login page. SD : Administrators can now be notified about connectivity issues while fetching emails.

SDF : Users can modify the order of data model sequence in Zia's approval prediction. Issues Fixed : Vulnerability : SD : Unauthenticated users are able to access inline images in the application. Requests : SD : Request list view is not refreshed after merge operations when the refresh button is disabled in the globalconfig table.

SD : Approver's name is not displayed with the organization role in the Select Approvers field of a Service template. SD : Users changed to technicians are not listed in Add Request form. SD : Error thrown on accessing the kanban view from non-IT help desk instances if an additional field is set as a criterion for the request custom view.

SD : Requesters are unable to reply to requests when solutions are hidden in the self-service portal. SD : Invalid asset error thrown while creating requests, if there are more than assets associated with the user. Changes : SD : Approvals are not triggered for a change when the trigger criteria are met if a non-administrator updates a change request.

SD : Approval level addition in change requests from the workflow fails when the approval action is performed via non-login URL. SD, SD : In some cases, Zia approval prediction is not applied when a change approver replies to the approval email. Assets : SD : When the software in a workstation details page are sorted by Software Name column, the software are not sorted properly.

SD : Unable to perform global search for assets if the column Operation System is enabled in the workstation list view. SD : An error is thrown when searching for an asset or workstation using their Service Tag via column search in the asset list view page. SD : When sending email notifications to users of a scanned software asset, the E-mail Users pop-up is not fetching all email addresses if the user count exceeds SD : Unable to invoke the drop-down lists that allow you to switch between the type of assets and time period in the Audit History page.

SD : When editing an asset, changing the vendor displays incorrect purchase cost information. The custom CI attributes are set to the first CI attribute when the custom attributes of the CIs are updated via bulk-edit. Purchase : SD : Purchase request additional fields are not displayed while raising a purchase request from the service request details page.

SD : The approval page does not load when the approver tries to log in via the PO approval link in email. SD : Vendor details are not populated in Add Purchase Order form when the purchase order is created from a purchase request.

SD : When closing a purchase order, the mandatory fields pop-up erroneously shows non-empty purchase additional fields of the picklist type. SD : OAuth based mail fetching with proxy configuration fails after 1 hour. SD : Error thrown on saving mail server settings using OAuth authentication in a new portal.

SD : Unable to save Telephony integration configurations in Asterisk version 16 and above. SD : Drop-down fields get disabled in service templates if the Allow requesters and technicians to override the Priority Matrix option is unchecked. SD : User surveys are not getting sent if "Exclusion Criteria" is configured after upgrading to SD : Email Notifications with non-English characters in email subject are not displayed properly.

SD : In Professional Edition of ServiceDesk Plus with Change module as add-on, technicians whose roles do not have access to Change module are unable to generate reports or perform advanced search in requests tab. SD : Error thrown while creating change additional fields in some scenarios. SD : Advanced Analytics sync fails when complex queries are generated in some scenarios.

SD : Error thrown while accessing the Reports page after upgrade. Mobile App : SD : In some environments, users are unable to log into the mobile app after upgrading to build or above. SD : Weak algorithm vulnerability if Keep me signed in is enabled during login.

SD : Clicking the application's desktop shortcut multiple times before the server starts kills the application. Inline images are not moved from the temporary location to the permanent location after the Request is saved. Note to Users!

To ensure all the inline images are located in the temporary location, retrieve the images from the backup folder and merge the data with the temporary location before updating the build. Contact support servicedeskplus-support manageengine. SD : In some cases, the request-related operations using email commands are getting failed after migrating to version SD : Request templates do not load properly after deleting values of pick list fields in the template.

SD : Comments regarding linked requests are truncated in the request history if the comments contain colon : character. SD : Request ID is not auto-filled when the asset is accessed via DC remote control from right panel on the request details page in builds and above. Solutions : SD : On editing the solution description. SD : Secure attribute is enabled for all cookies. SD : Unable to send emails from Requests tab in non-English setups. SD : UI improvements in the Solution auto-suggest pop-up displayed while creating requests.

SD : Stage 1 approvals are not set for requests when the template is edited via Recommended Template or from the edit request form. SD : Approvals are automated in request before the approval levels are added via Custom Triggers. SD : Unable to add approval stage through custom function action in custom trigger in some cases. SD : Technician assignment notifications are sent incorrectly to the default technician of unapproved service requests when the request was raised from the requester login.

SD : When the Group field is removed from the request template, the values in Technician field are not set based on the site. SD : The site API call always returns "Not associated to any site" along with required values when searching with any site value.

SD : The attachment icon in request conversations does not work when the conversations are collapsed. SD, SD : When the template of an existing request is changed for more than three times, the existing values of Category and Sub-category fields are not retained.

The issue occurs when the fields are marked as Requester can set. SD : When creating a request, the Site field is automatically set as Not associated to any site, if the requester is not associated to any site. SD : When changing the template of an existing request, the Email IDs to notify field is reset. SD : Description of a request is replaced with template description if the request template is changed more than once during global edit. Changes : SD : Change status comments not displayed on hovering over the progress bar above the Stage name in change details page.

SD : In the change workflow editor, the Field Update node lists different fields of the same label "Description" without the required classification. SD : Unable to set multiple approval levels for a stage from change workflow if the level one approver does not have edit permissions for the relevant stage.

Solutions : SD : Inline images in Solutions are not visible on upgrading to build or above. SD : Slave machine failure notification is sent incorrectly to configured users in the event of network latency. SD : The announcement created date is displayed instead of the start date while notifying users via email. Requests : SD : If the Request url is copied and used between different instances, it throws an error. SD : "Add Comments" is not translated in non-English setups. SD : Field mandated in the Request Life Cycle while closing requests is mandated when the request is reopened while editing the closed request.

SD : User phone numbers and mobile numbers appear reversed when the application is set in right-to-left languages. SD- : Formatting styles added to the Description field are not applied when the corresponding request is subjected to Field and Form Rules that are configured with Add Options or Remove Options. SD : Site field label is visible in the request list view even after hiding the field using scripts via Field And Form Rules. SD : Unable to create service requests using templates configured with Field And Form Rules to hide and mandate any field on form load.

SD : Adding notes with only images to a request throws an error. SD : Creating a request with comma separated values populated in a multi-select field throws an error stating 'Invalid Input'. SD : Incorrect error message displayed while picking up or assigning requests from the list view or advanced search results. SD : Request reply is not recorded in the Conversations section of the request details page when the request status is changed and then reverted to the default value in the reply pop-up.

SD : When a requester raises a request using a template where 'Requester can set' and 'Requester can view' permissions are disabled for the Group field and the Alert group members by e-mail when a new request notification rule is enabled, the notification is not sent to the group members after the request is assigned to them. Changes : SD : Approval notification emails are not sent when approval is added via workflow after the change moves to a different stage.

SD : Notification variables are not replaced in approval notifications when the approval was added via change workflow. SD : Change Approval level is set in In Progress state even after the level was auto-approved via the change workflow. SD : Error thrown when the status is updated in a change request that is not associated with any workflow. SD : When field and form rules are configured to remove a selected option from the Services Affected field, the existing values were also removed. SD : Inline images added to change requests appear broken for all users other than the uploader.

SD : Change approval details are missing in the input for custom functions. SD : Triggering Change notifications throws inappropriate error when the Change attachments contain special characters or non-English characters in the file name. SD : Unable to add attachments to a change when the file name exceeds characters. Assets : SD : Asset Ownership History does not show comments when assets are moved to a state that doesn't mandate ownership.

SD : When editing a dynamic group in assets module, the site filter is not shown if the criteria value is set to None. SD : The Site field is now added into the assets-to-barcode mapping document which is available during the barcode generation for existing assets.

Admin : SD : In requester login, the Department Name drop-down is not getting populated when the option to allow requesters to edit their own profile is enabled. SD : Token calls are not sent via proxy when OAuth is configured in mail server setting.

SD : List view column headers are not translated. SD : Text with special characters are removed in requests created from emails. SD : Performance issue in Request Template list view. Reports : SD : Data is not synced with Analytics Plus properly when more than 90 requests are merged in the list view.

SD : Users are able to associate requests with problems that they cannot access and vice versa. Home : SD : In the home page, links to the corresponding entity from a reminder does not work. Requests : SD : Multiple request detail snippets are shown simultaneously while hovering over requests in list view. SD : In some cases, an error occurs while modifying a dependency in the dependency mapping page.

SD : The tab key inadvertently selects fields from top-to-bottom instead of the expected left-to-right direction. SD : Both request closure and request cancellation notification mails are sent when a request is canceled. SD : Task Completion icon in request list view is not legible. SD : Inline images added to a request's resolution by pasting into the editor appear broken. SD : Able to add cyclic dependencies for requests.

SD : While creating requests, assets owned by the user are not loaded properly based on the asset name if there are more than assets associated with the user. SD : On changing the template of an ongoing request to a template with the same Request Life Cycle, the request status is reset to that of the starting node of the Request Life Cycle. SD : Uploading a request resolution with only images throws an error when the resolution field is marked as mandatory.

The issue occurs only when the field is on the right side column of the request form. SD : Unable to import software relationships from XLS files if the technician is not associated to any site or if the software name is similar to any CI name. Admin : SD : Service Level Agreements are missing in templates copied from an existing template. SD : Searching for users in the user list view does not fetch any results if the keyword is exclusively numeric and user records contain numeric additional fields.

SD : The default location of the file attachment pathway is rendered incorrectly. SD : When custom trigger notification templates are configured with Organization Roles, notification emails are not sent if the Organization Role's associations were imported via XLS files. SD : Insert Link option isn't working in the description part of resource questions in service template.

SD : Custom widgets appear with incorrect size in Self service portal when the Home page is accessed from the Requests tab and the widget is untitled. SD : Custom Schedule Scripts triggered using query reports fail when the query contains a longtodate function. SD : Query with the keyword "Similar" does not work in query reports. SD : Advanced Analytics Sync fails if additional fields are created with the same name as that of the default fields in the respective Analytics module.

SD : Query with the keyword 'for xml path' does not work in query reports. SD : In Windows environment, changes made to reports are not getting reflected in print preview and exports in file formats other than PDF. Issues Fixed : General : SD : In some cases, images which were copied and pasted in the description field of a request go missing.

It would be supported in one of the future service packs. SD : If the change request is canceled, tasks in In Progress state will be automatically moved to Canceled state. SD : Image checkboxes are changed into normal input checkboxes for uniformity. Disposed assets will no longer be displayed in list view and their count will not be included in dashboards. The existing list view personalization will be removed for assets list view. Users can now search up to assets using global search. Assets tab from the application header will now redirect to the assets list view.

If the user has accessed the Assets tab earlier, the list view last seen by the user will be displayed. Users can access the asset summary from the Summary tab in the left panel. Asset module links will now be opened as a pop-up window on the Dashboard.

Framework Upgrade Information Mickeylite upgraded to version Tomcat upgraded to version 9. Enhancements Change Workflow Create a complete change life cycle, along with its stages, conditions, switches, notifications, approvals, and field updates in a workflow by using a graphical editor.

The feature is only available in the enterprise edition. Users can now filter assets using Custom Filters from the list view. Users can now login into the mobile app without generating the technician key. For fresh installations, the default idle timeout for the mobile app will be set to 30 minutes. Request Report enhancements While generating custom reports, A report type called Request Metrics Report is introduced to provide cumulative data of completed requests based on certain grouped request values.

Request Tasks are newly added as a sub-module under Tasks. New columns are added to request reports. To learn more, click here Associated Task Closure for Changes The associated tasks of a change will be canceled if the change is canceled. Use the manage option to remove existing collaborators, add technicians apart from collaborators, or edit the title of a collaborator chat.

Remotely renew self-signed certificates or Microsoft CA certificates. To learn more about this integration, click here Mandate Approval Comments You can now mandate comments for request approvals. The banner will auto-close after 10 seconds.

If multiple login attempts are made into an user account when a user session is already active, a warning message will appear on the banner across all ongoing user sessions. This banner can only be closed manually. Requests SD : IP address is not captured in request history while creating requests in build and higher. Assets SD : Duplicated columns are displayed on the workstation list view page in Professional Edition. Framework changes : This upgrade removes the jBoss dependency from the framework, reduces security risk with jBoss, increased performance and quicker startup.

SDF Revamped request history : Option to filter and sort history details of a request using various fields such as status, priority, mode, impact, and level. SDF Option to automatically close a request when approval is denied - i. SDF Option to merge service requests. SDF Email reply gets auto merged as conversation based on email header in-reply-to header. This feature is enabled by default. It can be disabled through the Globalconfig Table in the database.

SDF Advanced analytics integration for ServiceDesk Plus now offers reports and dashboards on change management module. In this update you will get- An overview of upcoming and in-progress changes. Insight into the CAB approval process. Change management dashboard, CAB approval dashboard, business impact analysis and much more. Also, Request - MultiSelect additional fields are supported.

SDF Refer settings of one site for configuring another site. Referring site follows the settings of the chosen site. SDF Option to configure the base delimiter. SDF Option to list users who are deleted in the active directory.

From this list, users can be deleted either manually or automatically. Note : Deleted user data from the remote server cannot be transferred to the central server. Behaviour change Request ID search has been removed. Instead, the global search will have the "request id" filter enabled by default. Switch to "default search" filter to perform global search within the application. For each module, replace their respective delimiters. The modified delimiter will be applied to the e-mail Notification template.

Issues Fixed Home : SD : Mark Unavailability option under Quick actions tab displays the first Technician listed instead of the logged in user in Technician drop-down. SD Vulnerability fix in task module. SD Vulnerability in scheduler. SD Worklog additional field's tool tip is shown as "Null" in the "add new" worklog page. SD Attachment and History of tasks associated with a request are not archived when the request is archived.

SD Request's template doesn't change when updated with a template with no service category via Email command by Requester. SD Response due by time is set for a request duplicated from a request which doesn't have a response due by time.

SD "Category" and "Description" details of a request are not present in the tooltip snippet over the archived requests. SD Task attachment files are overwritten while adding attachments files of similar names. SD Default request template page is displayed when we close a request with the FCR check box selected.

SD "Start Timer" option is unavailable for a technician who doesn't have the permission to reopen a request. SD Saved "Date" field values in the custom view criteria are automatically incremented in some cases. SD Error occurs if we hit the "Convert" button multiple times while converting a Service Request into an Incident Request or vice versa. SD Able to close requests with blank description even though it is configured in request closure rules.

SD Exception occurs while changing a request's template in some scenarios. SD Incident additional field values are maintained in the request list view even after converting the request type from incident to service. SD Overdue flag is displayed even when the resolved date is less than the due by date for a service request that is converted from an incident request.

SD Unable to remove all template tasks of a request via global edit. SD Technician without an access to modify the 'due by time' is not able to modify the 'created time' as well. SD, SD Request collaboration does not work, if any of the technician's display name has a single quote in it.

SD Unable to edit the pick list values once they are added to the request additional fields. SD Able to change service category for a service request. SD Extra space is added to texts that are copied and pasted from Outlook to the request description field. SD Request inline images are shown as attachments in the outlook. SD Request pick list additional field's default values are automatically selected in a request template even when we select "None". SD, Unable to move Requests to unassigned state while configuring backup technician.

SD Technician notifications are wrongly sent for scheduled status changes. SD Mail Fetching stops when a Request template has a deleted custom defined status SD Unable to reset the "E-mail id to notify" field while updating request. SD Task template list view pop-up is garbled while performing a column search, when a task is added to a request using task templates.

SD When we hit the tab key from the "Subject" field, cursor goes to the "Created Date" field instead of the "Description" field. Solutions : SD Unable to dissociate user groups from a solution. SD Unclear error message appears when unauthorized technicians access the milestone displayed on the breadcrumbs trail. SD Associated project milestones are not listed in the Milestone List View for certain authorized users. SD While viewing the Project history, an error is displayed if a user is deleted from the application.

SD Certain authorized users unable to add comments to a milestone. SD Certain authorized users unable to view history of a milestone. SD Total time spent by a project member in a milestone is not displayed. SD In IE browser, an unwanted alert pops up on cancelling add task form in project. SD Milestones list view page does not get refreshed after bulk deletion of milestones. SD Site field is not populated as "Not associated to any site", when a project is created using a project template that is not associated to any site.

SD In the site field, the "Not associated to any site," option is alphabetically listed instead of being at the top, for projects. SD : Agent remote control is not working when DC is integrated with product. SD : Error while performing remote control from IE as it required administrative privileges. SD : OS of Debian machines was not properly identified. SD : Software : While adding a license agreement, the pick list values for custom fields are not loaded.

SD : Software : Unable to delete the site when it is associated with downgrade software license. SD : Duplicate CI relationships are created for manual software installations after scan. Purchase : SD : Purchase: Item total cost fields are not restricted to two decimals in purchase request details page.

SD : Purchase : Purchase request id jumps by on every restart of the application. SD : Purchase: The approval link in the notification mail doesn't work for second level approvers in purchase request. Isuue occurs when previous approver have approved from a Non-login link. Admin : SD Priority color band in milestone template is not aligned properly. SD Status color band in milestone template is not aligned properly.

SD Reset button in the translations page is not working properly. SD Mode cannot be set as 'not for further usage' if it is associated with a module. Reports : SD : Report: Unable to delete the advance filter for saved custom report. SD : Scheduled reports with criteria for Project module fetches incorrect data. SD : Cancel button in Reports window does not get disabled even after the Report is triggered.

SD : Unable to execute queries containing description field and workordertocharge table. SD : Able to create Report folder without giving any name. SD : Improper error message while trying to create a Report folder with an existing name.

Others : SD : Failure message displayed during "Delete credential" operation is not translated for Non-English languages. SD : "File not found" error occurs while downloading attachments when SDP server location is changed. SD : Documentation link under help redirects to an invalid page while viewing the admin tab. SD : Vulnerability issue fixed. SD : Able to view server details in the response header. SD, SD : Keep me signed-in does not work in some environments when automatic browser upgrade is enabled by the user.

SD : Technician Notification pop-up to accommodate more notifications preview based on resolution. ServiceDesk Plus 9. SD : Unable to copy workstation s which have a barcode value. SD : Hard disk details are not getting populated during the scan of Linux machines. Below this, the details of the request such as the mode, request type, assigned technician and group, and so on are displayed. You can also view the details of the requester from the Requester Details block.

If there are any attachments to request, click the file that is attached to view the same. Click the Resolution tab to view the resolution for the request. To view all the replies that have been sent to you, click the Conversations button. All the notifications will be listed in the ascending order of the date and time when they were sent. The Created Date field displays the time when you created the request. Based on the priority of the request, the Due Date is calculated and is displayed beside the Created Date in the request details block.

If you have received any response for the request, then you will see the Responded Date also in the view request page.

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